Maternity Wear and a "Bumpdate"

10:14 AM

I have to say I really only wear about 5% of actual maternity clothing while I am pregnant. That 5% being pants, obviously. I try to shop for things that I can transition into my wardrobe even after baby girl is born. I look for loose, flowy tunic-y tops, maxi dresses, jumpers and fitted tops that will look cute with a looser look once the belly is gone. 

One of my favorite places to shop for all of those items is Free People. I am a frequent buyer, if they had a rewards program I would be VIP! :) LOL. Most of the time everything fits so well, aside from a few disasters that were easily sent back. Their sizes run big for the most part and I can get away with size small until the final stretch. Those last few weeks are usual spent wearing mumu's and not leaving my house! :D 

I love dressing my bump, I think it's so cute. I hope that a few of these items might help inspire some Mama's to just embrace it and realize you can still feel attractive while feeling huge at the same time. It is an adjustment but once you start thinking positively about your new "Fuller" body, you really will start to enjoy it. I am also saying this to myself, as I have struggled more with this change currently, where in the past I always embraced it and even wore bikini's by the pool with out a second thought. This time it took some time to adjust and change my way of thinking and finally I am loving the way I look and enjoying dressing up the bump. 

Click the photo's to start shopping! 


Weeks: 17.5

Size of baby: Onion

Maternity clothing: Read 1st paragraph 

Movement: I feel her but still not as often as I felt the girls. I feel like she sleeps a lot and is pretty mellow. Major score if I am right and she stays that way outside of the womb :D

Sleep: Sleep is still a struggle. I will have occasional pain free days that lead to a great night sleep and then I will have nights where I am very sore and can't get comfortable which usually leads to headaches that last all night. And lastly I will be so exhausted I can barely get the girls tucked in and the second I lay my head down I am wide awake...Insomnia Booo! I am so used to not really sleeping anyways that I can usually pull myself out of it and function in a pretty good mood, but I am human and do have those days where I want to stay under the covers because I have zero control over what might come out of my mouth...Sorry honey :/

Missing: Hmmm, IDK... champagne?! I'm no longer missing my body. My cute little belly has popped out and I no longer look bloated. So I feel good and cute and am really enjoying watching my body change as baby girl grows.

Cravings: Still having this thing for Pizza. Thank goodness our local pizza place makes the best G/F Pizza around. I am trying to control the bad craving's, I wont eat candy when I am craving sweets, instead I'll have fruit with low fat whip. One of my weirder craving's has got to be Tic-Tacs. I have at least 3 different flavors in my purse. Strange!

Tim is:He's good. Nothing to report. Other than he also is eating for two...LOL

Looking forward to: Now that I can really feel her move I am looking forward to seeing those movements from the outside. I love watching them roll around and shift my belly from side to side. It's bizarre but so cool. I also can't wait for everyone to be able to feel her as well. 

We have our BIG ultrasound in 2 weeks. I'm nervous and can't wait to get it over with. We had a false alarm with Willow and were sent to a specialist 2 hours away to have a more thorough scan done. Everything turned out to be fine obviously but it was pretty traumatizing. I've never prayed harder... Hopefully everything will be all clear, as I am sure it will be. 

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