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I have been lacking in energy and motivation lately. Im trying really hard not to be a complainer but this pregnancy is already starting to ware on me. I am experiencing all of those 3rd trimester aches and pains since the beginning of my 2nd trimester. I am a week shy of 5 months and feel OLD! LOL I am assuming that this being my 3rd pregnancy my body is a little more worn down. With most pregnancies after the 1st you typically show much quicker and with this one everything shifted into major preggo mode literally over night about a month ago. My muscles, bones and nerves were a little caught off guard... Thats my self diagnosis anyways. Both sciatic nerves have been alternately pinched this past week. It typically causes numbness and joint pain. It hurts just to put pants on. Still dealing with my neck and back but doing my best to stretch and rub the areas good before bed and that seems to be helping. A big help was flipping my giant U shaped preggo pillow around. I can only sleep with "My" pillows and take them everywhere I go overnight. I couldn't sleep with my head on the P. Pillow, it killed my neck but I obviously am needing the support for my body so I flipped it around so the opening was at the top and I could use my pillows. I have been sleeping so much better. It also helped me feel less claustrophobic. That giant pillow literally traps you inside :D

Anyways, enough about me and on to the girls. We have been loving this warm weather we have had. Many days spent by the pool. Bring on Summer! We took the girls to see Frozen on Ice. I think I spent more time watching the magic on their faces than the actual show. They were on awe. So much joy and excitement in their sweet little eyes. My husband and I were loving it. The experience was great for all!

I have to share an evening I had with you guys last week because it is just too sweet and I want to remember every detail. We have been getting so much traffic lately...Meaning lots of new readers and I really want you all to get to know us and our girls and how precious their sweet little personalities are. Yes, they can look fierce and sassy in some photos but that is far from who they actually are. Let's just say that they are that good with their expressions and getting into the vibe of the outfits. If they choose to...They will be a strong presence in the modeling world. Ok, getting off topic. Sorry, I've had some coffee today (With in the allowed amount) and the girls are both gone so I'm feeling chatty! My Livy is an extremely empathetic, sensitive little soul. She was literally put here on this earth to spread love and kindness. She could tell I was struggling one day and kept offering me a helping which I decline and told her to go play and not worry about Mama. After dinner I am up in my room and Liv comes in and tells me its time to relax and that she has got it from here and will not take no for an answer. I could tell this really meant a lot to her so if course I stopped what I was doing and said ok! I sat there watching her fluff my bed, getting it just right and than lift my super heavy preggo pillow onto the bed, so proud of herself. She tells me to settle in, brings me some magazines, a pillow for my feet and an ice cold water. As I relaxed, she completely cleaned and organized my vanity. She knew where everything went and to this day I have been able to keep it as she had it. (It makes her proud to see I still have it as she left it.) Then...She drew me a self portrait in her little sketch book and wrote me a sweet little note followed by a foot rub.I tear up just thinking about it. My little 7 year old made me feel so incredibly special. That sweet memory will be something I hold onto for always. What a lucky Mama I am. Even Willow came in wanting to help. She's always good for some snuggles and lots of kisses. I am so proud of my girls and the sweet little spirits they are. How blessed to be able to add another little girls to this family. I have to pinch myself because Tim and I really do have the greatest daughters in the world that not only shower us with love but share it with the world around them. I cannot wait to see who this other little lady will be... Special, that's for sure.

The Painted Nest

Now I am going to share an amazing Etsy store wth you. The Painted Nest. I have mentioned them before. That adorable sign we used for our pregnancy announcement was made so kindly by the shop owner Kristy. She is such a wonderful lady, and so talented.

 I cannot get enough of this "Wild Child" sign. The girls had a blast getting into character with it. Willow was cracking me up trying to do her tough face. 

I will be sure to leave a list of links below. You will definitely want to check out all of her amazing hand made "signage" 

 Both girl's are wearing tops from Nora Madison Designs. This clothing line is amazing. Do check them out!

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