2nd Trimester Bumpdate

4:46 PM

I am officially 20 weeks and settling into my pregnancy. I am so BIG you guys. The last 3 weeks I have definitely "Popped." I am so happy to have my energy back. I am an on the go kind of girl that tends to bite off more than she can chew so low energy just doesn't fit into my lifestyle. No.Way! We are still working on a name but have a pretty solid contender. The girl's are really loving watching my belly grow. Willow thinks it's hilarious. Any time she sees my belly uncovered she has the funniest reactions or comments. She is too much. Liv is still taking care of Mama and doing a great job. She fluff's my pillows, gives me shoulder rubs and even shares her blanky. Too precious. Daddy is also expecting...As he refers to his mild weight gain :D It's only fair right? He loves to indulge in my cravings too. I usually cook very healthy meals for us and rarely have junk food in the house so when I am in need of something"Bad" he's on it and gets one for himself too...I mean, why not?! He's so sweet too. He loves me pregnant and always makes sure I know that. I may feel insecure to myself but to my husband I know he thinks every part of me is beautiful. I hit the jackpot with this guy.


Weeks: 20 Half way there baby!

Size of baby: Mango

Total Weight Gain: Who cares... :/

Gender: Girl...Not changing any time soon.

Movement: I feel her really good now but she is still not much of a wiggler. She is super mellow and barely gives me little kicks or pokes. I've maybe felt her twice from the outside but no one else. I can't wait until we can all enjoy seeing and feeling her move.

Sleep: Sleep is much better. I no longer have all of that pain due to pinched nerves. I do struggle with sciatica but its bearable. I flip flop from side to side but an atleast getting adequate sleep. I'll take what I can get.

Missing: I am really missing all of my clothing. I lost so much weight prior t obe bocoming pregnant that there is literally no way I can even get my leg into any of my favorite jeans. Lets just say I am a lot more voluptuous for most of my tops as well. My husband would have a heart attach if I went out like that. LOL

Cravings: I've been really into toast, avocado, g/f chocolate chip cookies, raspberries with whip cream, soy green tea latte's, veggies and cream cheese on anything basically. So random things I can easily snack on.

We have our big ultrasound on Friday. Praying everything is nice and normal. Can't wait to see how our baby girl has changed.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!!!

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