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 Life is in full bloom around here. My sweet girl's are growing like weeds and our littlest girl is working hard to catch up with her big sisters. I can feel this belly stretching all day long now. Willow loves rubbing my belly, she is very involved in this pregnancy. She is curious and excited and wants to be as much a part of it as she can possibly be. It is very sweet. Liv, being the empathetic little love that she is, is more concerned about how Mama is feeling and how can she can help me in any way. I really have quite the team around here. Tim and I are very blessed with our precious little girls.  

 Willow is wearing:
Dress: Guess Kids
Jewelry: A Lil Bit Fancy
Hat: H&M
Fringe Sandals: Crazy 8 (Current, so hurry and snag a pair!)

 Liv is wearing:
Outfit: ZARA Kids
Beanie: NoxxAz
Fringe Sandals: Crazy 8 (Current, so hurry and snag a pair!)

I read this on one of my favorite blogs and thought I would share it here. My girl's really watch and mimic almost everything that I do. That being said, I am always trying to be the best possible me and set the best example as I possibly can for them. This list is a nice little reminder of how simple it is to just choose kindness and sprinkle a little love everywhere you can. 

29 Ways to Love Well
1. Encourage a friend + list reasons you love that person.
2. Love the person right in front of you.
3. Call someone just to say 'hello'.
4. Buy a coffee for the person in line behind you.
5. Search for every opportunity to say 'thank you'.
6. Take a fresh batch of cookies to your neighbor's house.
7. Write a note of encouragement.
8. Smile.
9. Listen, just to listen.
10. Use others' first names.
11. Pray with a friend.
12. Donate items to others in need.
13. Give the people you're with your full attention.
14. Write a prayer for a friend + send it to that person.
15. Help someone you know with yard work.
16. Write a kind letter to a stranger + offer encouragement & hope.
17. Help friends celebrate their special milestones.
18. Pay close attention to ways of congratulating others accomplishments.
19. Hand someone a flower.
20. Offer up a hug.
21. Be quick to smile + slow to complain.
22. Pass out 'you are loved' cards.
23. Practice calling people up + celebrating their victories publicly.
24. Choose to love + take care of yourself.
25. Use encouraging words on social media.
26. Volunteer your time.
27. Befriend someone new.
28. Commit to saying 5 kind things.
29. Surprise someone through service.

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  1. WOW! I have never seen more beautiful children in my life!! Perfectly styled too!

    xx, Elise

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