Cupid Floats YUM!

9:05 AM

°°°°Easy and Delicious!°°°
••1 scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream••
••Fill half way with Milk••
•Add a big splash of Cherry 7Up (Trust me, its YUMMY)••
••(Optional) Add a drop of pink food coloring for fun••
••Cute Mini Milk Jugs are from Target Dollar Section••

Adorable Heart Pajama's are from Crazy 8

I love festive pajamas, no matter what the holiday. I love how cute the girls look in their matching jam's, It really helps to up their enthusiasm for whatever holiday it may be and that always makes for way more fun!

Here is a cute little collection of Valentine's Day Jams all at great prices and still available in their store fronts. Click the photos to be redirected to their sites.

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