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Finally...Finally! I am out of my 1st Trimester. It's so tough feeling so icky but still needing to fully function and refrain from snapping at your husband and children. I really shouldn't be complaining too much as I have had it much worse with Willow. This was my easiest 1st tri. by far. BUT I do have way more going on than I did when it was just Liv I had to worry about. Thank goodness my children are little angels and let me be lazy when I really had no other choice.

I just hit 14 weeks and am feeling much better. The fog has lifted and that feeling of a never ending hangover is now fading away. I've got a cute little bump goin on and no longer feel...Just chubby :/ My energy level is returning and I am finally catching up on all of those chores I let go for so many weeks. Laundry is scary! Thank goodness we have a little laundry room where I can hide all of that madness away.

So, were having a girl! We are all very excited. This being our 3rd girl, we feel completely confident and totally got this. To be honest though...I did have to take a few days after we found out to process that we wont be having a boy. Do not get me wrong, I am well aware of how blessed we are and have had nothing but healthy little babies and that is all we should ask for but it's a lot to process when you were almost certain of what you were going to have. I really can't explain it but still wanted to share. I loved how detailed I was in my posts while pregnant with Willow and I want to remember all of the emotions throughout this process. I am a total girls mom and love every bit about them and cannot wait to enjoy another precious little girl. I am really curious to see what she is going to look like. Maybe she'll be a blondie? Will she have Tim's eyes like Liv? It's fun when you and your husband are opposites. You really never know what kind of blend you're going to get. The anticipation for this one is much stronger than the others. I really just can't imagine what she will look like!

I don't feel her too often. According to all of our ultrasounds, she sleeps a lot. (She is my favorite already. Hehe.) I loved reading back on my 12 week u/s with Willow where my Dr. noted how active she was and still is to this day. I thought that was an interesting comparison. One can only handle one Willow, so thank you Jesus for what I am praying is a mellow, calm baby girl.


Weeks: 14

Size of baby: Lemon

Total Weight Gain: I've gained 7 pounds. (I needed to gain a little though so its all good!)

Gender: All GIRL everythang <3 p="">

Maternity clothing: I literally just purchased two pairs. I can still fit in some of my jeans but maternity pants are so freaking comfortable...Why the hell not.

Movement: Very little. I really have to lay still and focus. Its usually while laying in bed and drinking cold water.

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty rough lately. I'm not looking too hot. These bags are frightening. I dealt with insomnia for a few weeks and I've been experiencing pinched nerves in my neck since very early on. It takes about 2.5 weeks to fully feel better. It's been pretty awful. Chiropractor helped a bit but they keep wanting me to do this physical therapy program and I just don't have time for that. I really think its a pregnancy thing because of the elastin. My sweet hubby surprised me with a giant pregnancy pillow. The girls call it my "Nest." It's pretty amazing and is worth getting. We're uncomfortable enough. Treat yourself to a pillow designed to support a pregnant body. You wont regret it!

Missing: Sleep and my bod....Obviously :/

Cravings: My cravings are specific and change daily. Yesterday I needed a loaded salad, the day before it was pizza. Today is cheese and crackers. Cravings are a funny thing. For me I literally cannot eat anything else but what I am craving. The thought of any other food makes me feel nauseous. I can't move on until I've satisfied that craving. Pregnancy can be so bizarre. I am also eating my daily organic fruits and veggies. The girl's eat very organically and I am usually a little more lenient but I try really hard to only eat organically while being pregnant. And of course I don't eat gluten. I haven't in over 3 years. I'm curious to see if she will be as big as the girls were. We shall see. 

Tim is: (I'm adding this category) Tim is very excited about our little girl. He's been such a trooper dealing with me and my mood swings. I seriously have the greatest husband on the planet. He's always so attentive and making sure I m comfortable and have what I need. I really couldn't be more well taken care of. 

Looking forward to: Being able to see and really feel her move. (And for Tim and the girl's to feel her) This is my favorite part about being pregnant. It is the coolest thing in the entire world. 

That's it for now. I'll try and update a bit more as we progress. So far I am really enjoying the process of watching my body change and make a comfortable, sturdy home for our baby girl. This whole process is almost magical. I love being pregnant and don't take any of it for granted. I'll soak up every minute of this journey as it goes by so fast. 

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