And Baby #3 Is........?!!!

5:03 PM

I still can't wrap my head around 3 little's. That's crazy!! It's sure to be a lot of work but most importantly a whole lot of fun! I am about 13.5 weeks now. I've been taking snap shots of my belly weekly and will line those up in a post here pretty soon. I never did that with the girls oddly. I'm excited to see the progression of my body and belly changing as it makes a home for our healthy growing baby.

If you haven't been pregnant recently than you might not know that there is a new option in finding out your babies gender as well as checking for all sorts of abnormalities very early on. At about 10.5 weeks I picked up the, "Panorama" test kit from my Dr. I called the phone number on the box, they came to my house the very next day, drew my blood and mailed it off to the lab. A short week later we had our results.

We were so excited to get the results. Especially the genetic work up. This little one is in perfect health and very low risk for developing anything later on. What wonderful peace of mind to have so early on.

Tim and I decided to open the envelope as just the two of us and then go and share the news. It was a sweet little moment between the 2 of us.

Well....Without further ado, here is our little gender reveal. We couldn't be more excited and SHOCKED! 

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  1. Congratulations

    Love Vikee


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