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I am very excited to share this special shoe line with you guys. Not only are their designs beautiful, bright and unique but what they are doing for Guatemala is truly amazing. Read on to learn more about Ix Style and their mission. 
Ix Style Water Mission in Guatemala June 2013
Founder Francesca Kennedy in Coban, Guatemala
On A Water Mission With Asociacion Puente 


Ix Style was founded by Francesca Kennedy,
whose family is originally from Guatemala.
Francesca was always motivated by the poverty, violence, lack of opportunities for education, and the alarming need for clean water in Guatemala. 
On a flight to visit her grandfather in Panajachel, Guatemala, 
Francesca read Start Something That Matters by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie.
During that trip,
Francesca saw children drinking contaminated water in Lake Atitlan.
She knew had to do something to help.
Inspired by the local Mayan textiles and leather craftsmanship,
Ix Style was created.

Lake Atitlan Before & After The Contamination
Guatemalan Girls Collect Water In Containers &
Carry Them For Miles On Their Heads 


Francesca spent her summers as a kid in Panajachel,
visiting her family and swimming in the once beautiful waters of Lake Atitlan.
The lake is no longer what it was once was.         
Years of pollution have contributed to toxic green algae, seen above.
Children often walk miles every day to collect this contaminated water.
They have little choice but to drink and collect water from the lake.    
Over the years,
the lake has been home to many great artists and intellectuals.
Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World once described it as 
"one of the most beautiful lakes in the world".
Ingrid Bergman (Casa Blanca), Antoine de Saint-Exupery (author of Little Prince), writer Simone de Beauvoir, poet Louis de Aragon, even Nobel Laureate & poet Pablo Neruda all lived there. 

Ix Team On Our First Water Mission In Guatemala

Our Mission

To provide clean drinking water to children and communities.   

How Do We Help?

By supporting and working with our non-profit partners.
By empowering our artisans through commerce and production.
By paying a premium on each pair to make sure each purchase is ethical.  
And while our focus and heart is in Guatemala,
we coordinate with our partners that do work internationally,
as well.
Because, ultimately, no child is more important than another. 

How Do You Help?

By buying a pair,
you help provide clean drinking water to children through water filtration systems, rain collection units and wells.   Each purchase makes a difference in freeing up time for kids.
Children who normally would walk miles a day to collect water for their families can instead spend that time in school.
Education is the single most effective way to break the cycle of poverty.

Collage Of Our First Water Mission in Guatemala with Asociacion Puente &
65 of the Most Inspiring Volunteers from Louisiana!


Asociacion Puente

Spanish For: Bridge Association

Let's be honest - small children and babies couldn't drink water without the help of their mothers.
Our mission wouldn't be possible without the help of the most crucial figure in any community:
the child's mother. 
We're all about female empowerment & not providing unregulated or free handouts and so is our partner Asociacion Puente.
Founded by the former First Lady of Guatemala Wendy Berger and Edna Morales,Asociacion Puente has worked throughout Guatemala to reduce extreme poverty and malnutrition by working with indigenous women in Guatemala who are the most marginalized populations in the world.
In order to receive a water filtration system in their homes,
women must attend weekly classes for 18 months. 
They are taught education, sanitation, nutrition, self-esteem, and protection from domestic violence.
They are also taught the basic accounting, the importance of a savings account, and training for jobs.
Their graduation gift from this 18 month course is water filtration system installed in their home,
which they are required to save 10% (around $30).  
Talk about women empowerment! 

There is so much more to read about over on their web site. They are extremely knowledgeable in what they are doing. It's quite incredible. 
Head over to their site, learn something new and while you're there purchase yourself a fabulous pair of sandals for an amazing cause. 


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