The Greatest Thing About A Sister...

12:14 PM

 The greatest thing about a sister is...
She is always the first to enable your spending habits/ need for the latest fashion trends. "Did you see those new jackets on Revolve?" Yes, but they sold out"..."It's ok, because I got it for you for Christmas."... "YASS!"

She is one of the few that really truly get you. 

You can fight like crazy but always know you will be making up not long after. 

You never hold a grudge against your sister.

The obvious, she is your bestest friend. 

100% honesty on everything. Sister's will always tell you how it is.

Encouragement as well as discouragement when necessary. She will be the first to cheer you on as well as the first to say...."Well, maybe that's not a good idea."

The ultimate gossip girl. Your secrets are safe with a sister. She wouldn't dare tell a soul.

A sister knows everything there is to know about your relationships. Maybe a little too much. Our husbands are often annoyed that there was a possibility that we debated on who to tell first when we found out we were expecting. We'll never tell...

There is no one else in this world I'd want as my sister and closest friend. 

I still can't get over how cool it is for my sister and I to be pregnant together and literally only a week apart. How special is that? We laugh when we are craving the same things and sympathize when the other is having a bad day. I am enjoying every moment of this precious time with her.

If you have a sister, tell her how special she is to you. It's something not everyone gets to enjoy. They truly are special. 

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  1. Such a great post.

    Love Vikee


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