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We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. It is such a meaningful one that often gets lost in the shuffle with Christmas approaching. Each and everyone of us have been so blessed in our own way and I love that there is a holiday that brings it to light and is a reminder to acknowledge and appreciate all that we have.  I am well aware every single day just how fortunate we are. My husband ALWAYS corrects me when I say we are lucky, because luck has nothing to do with it. We know very well that God has blessed us abundantly and to call it luck would be wrong. God deserves all of the credit. We have so many amazing friends and family. To be able to enjoy their company as often as we do is a gift. This past week we were able to be with all of our immediate family and closest friends. We had a fun day with my nephew and a sleepover with my husband's siblings. Our hearts are so full when we are able to be with everyone. And for that I am thankful.

 Willow is wearing the cutest little headband from Loveful Beings. All of her stuff is great. Tara is a Mama that loves to create with a passion for sewing. Each design is hand and done so with lots of love. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop and Instagram Account

PS She has a great sale going on so be sure to check out her Instagram account for all of the details!

Willow's vest is from our friends over at Little Trendsetters. They have everything you can imagine when it comes to styling your little one in all of the best trends. They even have a Mommy section. 
They too are having a fabulous sale that you do not want to miss out on.

How cute is my sweet little nephew Tydus? He aslo has an IG. 
Check it out!

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