Merry Christmas and Christmas Past

9:21 AM

Putting out the reindeer food!

Liv at 4 weeks old.

We are just so excited to celebrate Christmas this year. Willow is experiencing Christmas for the first time really. She was still pretty little last year. This year she has been so involved and helpful with decorating and cookie baking. And Liv of course can hardly contain her excitement. I cant wait to see the magic that tomorrow has in store. 

Hats and adorable purses are from Jada Boutiquex
Instagram @jadaboutiquex

These little hats are so cute. I wish they would fit me too. And those purses are so fabulous! Be sure to check out their amazing items available online. 
Liv and Willow are both wearing boots from the wonderful line Joyfolie

They are kind of amazing!! 

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