7 has never looked so chic...

9:21 PM

My sweet Livy Loo, today you are 7 and this Birthday is a little bitter sweet. I have cherished every moment of you since the day you were born. I just don't want to blink and have you be graduating. 

I'm the type of mom that wouldn't mind if all of my babies were failure to launch and wanted to live with us forever. I would LOVE that actually. But that would be very selfish of me. So I will continue to be present in each moment for I know they are fleeting.

Looking back on the day you were born, I couldn't imagine anything more beautiful but with each new day you brought more and more beauty to my life. Your inner beauty far surpasses your outer and that is saying a lot. You my love are the closest thing to perfection. You have taught me so much about kindness and love. You express these things in such a genuine way I had never seen until I met you. Your kind, gentle nature is an example for us all. You are naturally empathetic to others and have been that way for as long as I can remember. You have such compassion towards people. 

Yesterday, I brought you a Happy Meal to have for lunch at school and I sat there watching you graciously divide your fries and cheeseburger among all of your friends, leaving only a couple of bites for yourself. You even gave your toy away. You were so happy that you were able to share YOUR joy with others. You didn't know but that brought a tear to my eye.

You want to do good in so many ways. That is why I always tell you that you are going to change the world. With a heart as big as your anything is possible. 

Happiest of Birthdays to one of the GREATEST young ladies I will ever know. 

Mama loves you.

 Yep...She's pretty stoked about it!

 Today we are off on an excellent adventure
Outfit Deets
Hat, boots and top ZARA KIDS
Pants Joyfolie
All Accessories A Lil Bit Fancy
(Liv's necklace is also a headband!)

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