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3:31 PM

Liv has grown so much this year. Not just physically but emotionally as well. She walks with this confidence about her. Seeing her go up to new groups of children and settle in like she already knows them has been so fulfilling for me. She is becoming such a little lady. I am so proud she chose me to be her Mommy. She has a special kind of ora. Beauty surrounds her. She was born sick and had a short stay in the NICU and all of the nurses nicknamed her "Beauty." From day 1 we all felt it. Who is this unique little person with this way about her? And now we know. She is someone that always sees the beauty in every thing around her. She is positive and uplifting. She is sweet and kind. She cares about strangers and their well being. She wants to help and take care. She is 6 and has established her own special relationship with God. I struggle with parenting her sometimes because I genuinely feel she has it all figured out... Because in the end she always winds up teaching me.

Her Birthday is coming up and she's going to be 7. That honestly makes my heart ache. She's growing too fast and I cherish her being little so much. But, the older she gets the more we connect as friends and I look forward to that so so much, as well as watching this perfect little human take over the world with her beauty and kindness.

To that Liv says, "Sit back and enjoy the show Mama! I'm going to do big things. You just wait and see."

Liv is wearing head to toe Zara Kids
Necklace from Saks 5th Avenue
Bracelet by A Lil Bit Fancy

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