"2 Little Pumpkins Sittin On A Gate..."

4:12 PM

Yay! Fall festivities are in full swing. Today we had some fun at the school carnival. You know its officially Fall once the carnival is here. We had some good old family fun followed by a much needed lazy day. We've been so busy. I am really looking forward to things slowing down around here.

I love this time of year. When I was young my Mama was all about little traditions.(Still is) A lot of the stuff we did when I was a child we still do now. Some of our Fall traditions include always attending the school carnivals, watching, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" almost every night, pumpkin patch (Of course!), roasting the pumpkin seeds while watching "Ghost Busters," trick or treating with the entire family and tons and TONS of decorations. My Mom's house looks like a pumpkin threw up. There are decorations EVERYWHERE! And we all love it and of course do the same in our own homes :) The girls get a kick out of it and beg me to get the "Fall Boxes" out as soon as September hits. I assume they will carry on those traditions as well, seeing that they love them so much.

We wanted to share one of our favorite Fall treats with you guys as well as an easy little DIY.

 "Apple Cider Pumpkin Float" 
...And it is delicious!!

What you need
Sparkling Apple Cider
Cream Soda
Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream
Whip Cream 
Fun Straws
Cute Pumpkin Mason Jars

To make our cute little mason jars we just created pumpkin faces using a sharpie. Its definitely NOT permanent, aside from what Pinterest tells you with those Sharpie Mug things.  It comes right off in the dish washer.  Its fun and temporary and I get my jars back later :) (No mason jars were harmed in the making of this craft!) You may also use actual glass paint. I have used the Martha Stuart brand on a different project and it does work very well. After they were done drying completely, they were ready to be filled with YUMMINESS!

Thank goodness, because my 2 little pumpkins were gettin hangry for their treat. 

Assembling the FLOATS
2 big scoops of ice cream
3/4 sparkling Apple Cider
1/4 cream soda
Topped off with some Whip Cream


 Adorable Pj's c/o Gymboree 

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