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10:05 AM

My Liv is just so cool right? I mean, check out these pix! Probably one of the coolest people I know. She is interested in so many things and everyone wants to be her friend. She is friendly to every one and always kind. Is it silly to say I look up to her and often try to be more like her? I think she see's that we're different and tries to pull me out of my shell a LOT! If we see someone we know at the store she will pester me until I walk us over and say hello. As we walk away she will often say, "See Mama! Aren't you glad we said hi to them?! I bet it made them happy." Oh how sweet she is. We've always said she is an old soul. Since the day she was born. She has a "Wise-ness" to her. Sometimes I think she has life figured out far more then I do. In relation to her old soul she has this affection for "The elderly" as she calls them. Never old people. She does not like that term. She's always waving hello and smiling at the little ladies at the check out or wherever we may be. Liv is such a special little person. I just adore being her mother and love how she continues to change me and my ways for the better.

 Liv's bracelets are from our "Lil Bits" section on Etsy. A portion of each sale goes towards St. Jude's cancer research fund. We are very proud when we have the opportunity to send what we can every few months, so thank you to all that have purchased from us already!  

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Beanie •• NOXXaz
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Earrings •• STELLA AND DOT (Similar)

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  1. She looks amazing

    Love Vikee


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