Back to School with Liv and Willow

11:53 AM

I can't believe both of my girls are off to school now. Its a very strange feeling to have "Alone Free Time!" I was feeling pretty lonely after Miss Willow's first day so I decided to run all of my weekly errands during that time. After doing Costco in under 30 minutes, then the store, Target, Marshall's, house chores and then the gym for an hour I was feeling alright! :D Don't get me wrong...I still missed my little buddy but with all of that productivity and a latte in hand...A girl could get used to this! They both had great 1st days and are loving school, new friends and their teachers. Willow also made it very clear that she did not miss Mama but did infact miss Nana :/ Thats ok though. It is understandable for a Mama to feel a little sad that their child didn't miss them but it is also a great compliment that you're doing a great job in raising them to be strong independent children. That's my point of view anyways! Ha! 

Here are a few snap shots from both girl's 1st day and a little video for each. :) 

Liv's 1st Day of 1st GRADE!

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