Ending Summer...But looking forward to Fall

1:37 PM

If only Summer was all year round. Wouldn't that be wonderful? But then again that is what makes Summer so great being that it is only here for a short while and then it's back to the grind. School starts for both girl's in just over a week. I have to say this school year is tugging at the heart strings a bit. Now both my babies will be going. I'm sure the first week will be rough and then I will discover how much I enjoy the "Me" time I will be getting a couple days a week. This is unfamiliar territory for me. I am with them all day, everyday. They even tag along while I do our MUAH Bride's trials. I'll feel lonely for a bit but I am sure I will adjust. 

So for now we are layin low, soaking up the sun while we can and snuggling up for movies on the couch once the fog rolls in. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Summer full of adventure and memories to look back on.

Now bring on the chilly weather, hints of garlic in the air and of course those Pumpkin Spice Latte's! 
I sure do love Fall <3 p="">

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