Urban Barn Boutique

8:13 PM

Urban Barn Boutique was so kind to send the girls and I some adorable headbands! They are so cute and well made. We had fun snuggling on our warm fuzzy rug while the camera snapped away. I love the one where Willow is cheesing with all her might. That silly little thing...always keeping me on my toes. 

About Urban Barn Boutique
fun + functional
My inspiration comes from love of designing, colors, kids, and personalization. I use everyday items and make them unique, personalized, and easy to identify.
Recently Urban Barn Boutique has been expanding into a new line of children's products introducing new faces // models to display our fun + functional products.
I take pride in every product produced and love creating new items for my customers to not only enjoy, but also use on a daily basis. All items are available to add a little fun & personalization to. All you have to do is message me! I am happy to work with every one of my customers to find exactly what you're looking for.
thank you for allowing me to do what i love...
Kailey Lynn
(Owner and creator)

There are so many adorable little creations in Kailey's shop. Be sure to check her designs out on Etsy as well as her social media. 

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