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10:55 AM

 The other day we received a very special package in the mail. An adorable gold pouch filled with real looking play makeup and of course a cute little set of makeup brushes. The girls were so excited. I snapped some photos of the girls and I playing. We had so much fun giggling and playing with our makeup. And the best part?! The makeup is entirely mess free. The makeup is made up off special  soft material that looks just like pressed powder. Its really neat and so much fun for the girls. Just Like Mommy Cosmetics is a must for every girly girl. Especially if they are curious around your makeup. I've had a lipstick or two destroyed because Willow snuck in and got a hold of them. Now whenever she sees me getting ready she will go and grab her little pouch and sit down next to me and put her "Makeup" on. It's quite adorable. Liv is having fun pretending to give her American Girls makeovers! 


(Disclaimer: We were compensated for this post however opinions on said products are our own.)

Thank you Just Like Mommy Cosmetics for the darling gift. We loved it!

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