A love like this...(And all that other mushy stuff)

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We don't like to boast about our perfect love that we share but today is our 4 year wedding anniversary and I am feeling so blessed and happy that I wanted to share a little bit. Tim and I met in Sunday school. We didn't think much of each other, I actually don't even consider that the 1st time we met because I hardly even noticed him...He noticed me though :D My very first memory of meeting Tim was at a football game. We were about 9 I think, he was a football player and I was a cheerleader. The location of the players bench to where we stood to cheer was prime up skirt viewing for those pre-pubescent little boys. So I catch this boy leaning back looking up my skirt through the cracks of the platform where we stood. I lean over the railing and say, "Hay! Stop looking up my skirt...I'm sure I called him a perv or something. He looks up at me with this cheesy dimpled grin, gnawing on his mouth piece laughing...BAM Love at first sight. (He also considers this as the first official connection with me) He had my heart before I even knew it. I remember this feeling at 9 like whoa what was that? When two soul mates meet, like really meet its an interesting feeling I cant really explain. Yeah I know I was 9 but look at us now...Married! I knew at 9 that I was going to marry him. We went on to despise each other. I actually believe now that it was because I didn't know how to interpret what I felt toward him. Not a crush but a familiarity with one another. Like why the heck do I feel this intense connection with a boy I barely know? Through fate I ended up going to the same middle school as him. We tried "Going out" in 7th grade...Didnt work out. Our hearts weren't ready. Continued to tease and hate on each other until the end of 8th grade. He would say he hated me and I would laugh and reply with, "You may hate me now but one day you're going to marry me!" We started talking on the phone about his relationship with one of my best friends at the time. (My bad. He was always mine though...There were no hard feelings.) I think that was the turning point. We have this ability to just talk. Complete compatibility. I started to fall in love... I remember begging my mom to take me shopping for Volcom clothes because he complimented me on the one Volcom shirt that I owned. You can thank me for the success of PacSun. I was working so hard to get his attention in a good way. I was giving him my sandwiches from my lunch every day and doing everything I could to show him that I could actually be nice and that I maybe sorta kinda want to be his girlfriend. This went on for like 3 months!

8th grade graduation comes and I am all dolled up.This is my last shot before Summer break and I was not going to let him start High School single. No. Way. (My husband is HOT!!)That jerk waited until the last slow song of the night. Finally! He asked me to be his girlfriend. I was so freaking lame and nodded yes. I think I was so infatuated and shocked he finally did it that I didn't know what to say. I still cringe to this day thinking about how goofy I must have looked grinning from ear to ear while shaking my head yes.

Funny thing is...right after that I said, "Come on lets take a picture! We'll want to capture this moment to look back on after we're married one day." (I just asked him what he thought when I said that...He said he thought I was crazy! bahaha)  I knew that this was the beginning of the rest of our lives together and I am so happy that I have kept that photo safe for 14 years and will continue to cherish that moment for the rest of my life.

(Here is that very photo. Braces and all!)

Our love is a fairy tale. My life's greatest gift and blessing. We have so many more love stories with in our love story. Our memories are so precious to me. I wish a love so pure and kind for every young lady out there. My husband treats me like a Queen every single day. We live to please each other. Our love is never selfish or conditional. We talk often and support each other through every thing. He makes me feel beautiful and protected.( I always think of him when I hear Brad Paisley's song "I'm Still a guy" Holds my hand in the car, my purse (AND Bags) at the mall, he's wrote me love songs that make me cry and would definitely knock some jerk to the ground if he ever copped a feel as I walked by. Word for word practically...that song is about you honey!)

 My heart is home when he is hugging me. I feel content and at peace.

In every sense of the word we are soul mates. Our love is on a whole other level. We are all each other knows and ever wants to know. So thank you God for I know how truly blessed we are to have a love like this.

**Knowing my husband so well...When he reads this the first time he will go through and correct all of my grammar and mistakes. You'll laugh when you see this and then read the post one more time...

Now enjoy an obnoxious amount of photos of my adorable hubby and I...

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart! 
And thank you for giving me the 2 most beautiful little girls! 

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  1. this post had my emotions all over the place! congrats on such a happy marriage! x

  2. Ahhh SO freaking sweet. I love reading about life! Marriage to someone you truly love is just the most amazing gift ever.

  3. How adorable

    Love Vikee


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