In Transition...

9:17 PM

"Many of you, my children, are though being caught between two simultaneous but incompatible feelings. This is because there is winding down from the past season and a gearing up for the next. You are in transition. What is passing isn't over yet and what is coming isn't here yet. This is a time when you have to be patient and allow My grace to sustain you, says the Lord. This too shall pass."  

I read this the other day and the words really spoke to me. My family and I are going through major transitions right now. Its tough when you know you are dead center of one of the hardest phases of your life and all you can do is keep pressing forward knowing that good things are waiting...but all in good time. My husband is finishing up his last semester of college, graduating pre-med and continuing on as a mortician. Yes, I said mortician. That always perks a few ears when people ask what my husband does for a living. Our family owns 2 and he has been working towards his degree for what feels like forever. This last stretch leaves me alone with our girls for 5 days a week and him not able to work during the week. Pretty much giving us very little time together. Its very hard and emotionally straining. We will be going through the motions until mid December and then smooth sailing.
My parents also recently sold my Grandparents home. We have so many memories there. I get choked up thinking about it.The thought of someone else living in "their" home hurts my heart. Its like closing the last chapter of my childhood. It was such a special place. A home you felt elegant and fancy in. Its a beautiful old Victorian home with so much character. I would always feel like a princess sitting with my Grandmother at her extra long dining room table. It was always set with flowers and place settings. She would teach me proper etiquette, share stories of her childhood and most importantly teach me the word of God. One thing I know is that I will always have those memories to look back on ever so fondly. 

My life is definitely not perfect or as picturesque as it sometimes seems through photos. Its stressful, hard, emotional and overwhelming all at the same time. But like God says, I am in transition, my entire family is and all I can do is be patient and peace will follow.

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  1. Great photo!

  2. My husband is in med-school right now, so I totally feel you about the stretches of not spending any time together. It can get so hard. Keep being positive, friend! This too shall pass <3

  3. Fabulous picture

    Love Vikee


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