Back to school in style with ||Zara Kids||

12:08 PM

 ^^This is Liv's I'm hungry and over these damn picture's face LOL^^

 Liv and Willow's outfits are from Zara kids (Recently).  Liv's sunglasses: Old Nave Willows Vest: Carters

School could not start soon enough for these sisters! My girls have always been best buddies until recently. Its driving me insane. I do think it is due to Willow getting older and wanting to play with Liv and her toys a little more. I am not really sure how to address it. I will intervene when the fighting gets "Physical" and make them kiss and make up, which helps but doesn't solve the problem. I don't want my girls to fight :( Having an older sister I am obviously well aware that it is normal to fight with siblings but I wish I could come up with a better tactic to help them understand how lucky they are to have each other and play more peacefully together. Do any of you have advice for me? I sure would appreciate it. I am a perfectionist so naturally I put a lot of pressure on myself wondering if I am parenting them well enough. Oye!

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