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I just love the moment we captured in these photos. My free spirited, bright eyed baby much like her Mama. I see so much of me in her. For the longest time I thought she was my life's greatest challenge. I struggled, I admit that whole heatedly. It took me a while to realize that no matter how hard I tried to teach her it always ended in her teaching me. I learned things about myself I never knew before. I CAN do this. I AM a good Mom. I have been pushed to the edge but still held on and never lost it. I would be shaking with frustration after putting her back in bed for the 50th time that night, being petrified to fall asleep in fear that she will be up wandering the house...ALONE! (Willow, alone! That's a scary thought.) 
Deep breath...and then peace.
Through pure chaos and frustration, she taught me how to center myself. Its a beautiful gift. I don't know if I am even doing a good job of explaining it. I use this gift in all aspects of my life. Not just parenting. Before we had Willow, I would get so worked up over things, I would get hives! If there was traffic, if I misplaced something...Anything that would cause some sort of frustration. I would just lose it.
But I don't do that anymore. Not.At.All
I can center myself, find peace in the problem and move on to the solution. 
I always appreciate Gods humility and how it applies to my life.
Willow helped me find my that's funny

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|Maxi Dress|| Eliza J |Bracelets|| A Lil Bit Fancy |Rings|| H&M
|Jacket|| Baby Gap |Dress|| H&m

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  1. I love this! You are an amazing mom! And what beautiful pictures!

  2. Beautiful pictures
    You guys look fabulous

    Love Vikee

  3. so sweet!!!!

  4. Gorgeous words and photos. There is such truth in what you are sharing. That calm center is the place that saves me as a mom day in and out. Glad to find you though Casey's link up


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