Whats For dinner || A healthy twist on spaghetti

11:06 AM

This is more of a suggestion then a recipe. I have been off gluten for over a year now and once I noticed I was gaining weight instead of losing I knew it was time to evaluate the alternatives I was eating. Gluten free doesn't always mean its better for you or lower in calories, etc. Corn pasta is loaded with carbs! And unless its quinoa pasta I opt out for any gluten free pastas. That lead me to try broccoli:

When I make spaghetti I like to use a lean turkey burger, my favorite spaghetti sauce on top of steamed broccoli. The combination is so yummy and will leave you feeling satisfied and not overstuffed. 

Give this combo a try tonight and let me know how much you love it!

Dave's Gourmet Pasta sauce is my absolute favorite brand. All organic and all gluten free. I find mine at Nob Hill. The Red Heirloom Sauce is so delish! You must try it!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing darling, it looks very delicious! <3 xoxo


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