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November is very chaotic for me...And it always will be. There is much to celebrate this month but it also comes with a heaping pile of stress. Here are a few photos of what takes place the first few weeks of November.

November Eve: HALLOWEEN

Isn't my Livy Lou's costume great! And how about that custom tutu from my friend Rachael from Sugar Snaps Children's Boutique. She whipped that tutu up so fast and had it shipped to us in just the nick of time. A big shout out to you! Thank you so much!!
Little Willow was a cute pink giraffe. She loved knocking on all the doors. Silly little lady!

Oh! And in case you are wondering..Liv is a Ninja Turtle. Raf to be exact.

Then BAM! Holoday cups are out at Starbucks! YESSSS

My gorgeous sissy is EXPECTING! Hooray! A sweet baby boy due in May! I am officially an Auntie. She surprised everyone by knocking on the door with a sign during our routine Sunday family Dinner. Everyone is beyond thrilled.

(Yes, my Mama is crying! :D )

Next is my baby bro's B-day! He is 23! I feel old : /

Nov.6 My sweet hubby and I's wedding anniversary!

My sweet Liv turned 5 on November 11! Oh where has the time gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was holding our precious baby girl for the first time. Thank you God for our little angle. She has blessed our lives dearly.

Prepping for the huge shopping soiree at our country club. It took me 2 weeks to make all of those bracelets and I sold out in 2 hours! It was AWESOME!

And now the prep begins for this Saturday's Flair on the Farm. This one is huge and I am up all night trying to make enough inventory.

I have a lot of wonderful designer spotlights coming up! All amazingly talented and sweet. I am doing my best to steal some extra time to work on those posts as well.

I'm hoping I can make it through the season with out a nervous breakdown! Liv is already asking me why I talk to myself!! :D Hahaha

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  1. Oh my goodness lady...that is a busy start to the month!!
    First of all LOVE that ninja turtle costume - so amazing! Secondly, happy birthdays and anniversary, and congrats on becoming an auntie!!
    And how awesome your bracelets sold out at the country club soiree - sooo excited for you!!

    xx em

  2. I totally loved her Halloween costume! That is too awesome! We actually carved a TMNT pumpkin this year :)
    And those wedding photos... wow! Just stunning

  3. WOW! What a busy few weeks you've had and way to go on selling all those bracelets, girl! You are truly talented!

    Sue//Chevron and Lace

  4. beautiful pictures
    great post
    love Vikee

  5. everyone in your family looks young and beautiful haha congrats to your sister!


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