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I am sure you have all heard of the whole "Gluten Free" diet, bur for some it is a way of life. Like me for instance. I have pretty severe seasonal allergies as well as eczema. Eliminating gluten has helped alleviate a lot of the discomfort caused from my allergies. I do battle with eczema every day but is not nearly as bad when I eat gluten. If I take a bite of pasta or bread the reaction is almost instantaneous. Redness and itchiness around my mouth, patches on my eye lids, hands, etc. If I eat more then a bite I will break out in hives and have to get on prednisone. It is because of this fad and me wanting to read more into this gluten free lifestyle that has helped me figure out the trigger. Last November I lived with chronic hives for 3 months when I read an article about how gluten is an accelerator to even the most common allergy. You can have a minor grass allergy and just by eating gluten can cause minor symptoms to go haywire. If this is you, give it a try and see how it makes you feel! :)

So you have decided to give this a try...And now your thinking what do I buy? Is gluten free food even good? etc. etc. I was the same way. I have done a lot of trial and error and have compiled a sort of shopping list of what I think is yummy! A lot of these foods you can't even tell the difference, and in the long run I would rather be comfortable then eating a slice of bread.

Grocery List:
1.DeBoles Pasta
 (I have tried many brands and this is my favorite.
 Don't bother with any others. BLAH!)
2. Amy's Mexican Casserole
3. Pamela's extreme chocolate cookies
(AMAZE-BALLS! So good!!)
4. Pamela's pancake and baking mix
(This stuff is great. So versatile. 
You can bread chicken, bake cookies, lots of recipes on the back as well.)
5. Udi's bagels
(The only bread like item that I actually like and isnt spongey at all!)
6.Amy's Garden Lasagna
7. Glutino Oreos
(Tastes just like the real deal!!!!!)
8. Glutino Bagel chips
9. Pamela's Chocolate chip cookies
(You cant got wrong with Pamela's. She is the best!)
10. Udi's pizza crust
(Makes a yummy bruschetta too.) 
11. Glutino Chocolate covered pretzels
12. Food For Life brown rice tortillas
13. Amy's Mac and Cheese
14. Pamela's Whenever Bars
15. Pamela's Chocolate chunk cookie mix
16. Cheetos Puffs 
(YEP. These are gluten free!!!)

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  1. Our family is gluten free as well. I just blogged about all the best gluten free items at Trader Joe's. Do you ever go there?

  2. Hi there! This is a really informative and useful post, thanks for sharing! So lovely of you to leave a comment on LiveToLovedenim and I am now following you too! Have a good week xx

  3. This is really informative! I think I will try this to see if it helps with my allergies! Thanks for linking up with the Bloggers Digest!

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

  4. Good info! My oldest suffers from almost every allergy out there and has been getting shots weekly for a year now. I'll have to see if we can accelerate the results by reducing gluten. Just got a kitten and want him to be able to love on it!! :)

  5. We have just started buying President's Choice corn pasta and it's great. A lot cheaper than our favourite brand, Tinkyada!


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