We'll be missin you LuLu

9:13 PM

Today our family dog passed away. We've had LuLu since I was 14! She lived 12 long years. From the very beginning she was always such a good dog. Mellow and cuddly. I used to take her to basketball games in my purse. Always just along for the ride. She stayed with my parents as we all grew up and moved out. Filling that void for my mama as she slowly became an empty nester. (Sort of!...Thomas LOL) This was our oldest daughters first experience with death. She is very much aware of Heaven but obviously not aware of the loss that is involved. I with-held the news all day, going back and forth with ways to tell her. I told her she was at the vet and as soon as I heard anything I would let her know. Well a little while ago I tried...I told her that Lulu decided to go up to Heaven and that God has made her well and she is happier then ever. It DID NOT go over well. She practically started to hyperventilate and grit her teeth and totally spaz out. It freaked me out so bad I started reeling. I do not know how to handle this so any advice would be much appreciated. :...(

And here is a direct quote from Liv after I told her. Just so you can get an idea as to what I am dealing with: "Oh my misery. My dreams are broken!"

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  1. So sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you all... I'm sure it's hard to lose something that was a part if your life for so long. Take care

  2. Mi dispiace molto....anche io ho un cagnolino quindi ti capisco...un abbraccio

  3. we're so sorry for your loss. We understand how hard it can be since she was a part of your life from such a young age.stay strong


  4. Oh, so sorry to hear of your loss. I had a dachshund from my 14th birthday (my present) until she died when I was 25. Her name was Lady Tiffany, but we called her Tiffy for short. My 14th birthday photo is me with her and her super long earred self. I hope it gets easier for your daughter.


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