Designer Spotlight: Compliment.

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Our newest designer spotlight is Melissa and her jewelry line Compliment. I fell in love with this line the moment I saw it. What a beautiful concept. Its not just about the jewelry but the nature in which it is given and the sweet meaning behind it.

Melissa sent me this beautiful jade ring and bracelet set. As a jewelry designer myself I look at jewelry in a different way. I look at craftsman ship and quality. I swear I sat and stared at this gorgeous wire woven jade ring just trying to figure out how she wove it all so perfectly. And I could not figure it out! It is so well made! The bracelet is so gorgeous and dainty. Its one of those pieces that you just feel pretty wearing.

Compliment. is definitely one of my top choices for gifts this holiday season. Be sure to stop by Melissa's online shop and browse all of her stunning designs and create your own sweet Compliment. to go along with it.

About the designer: 

Hi! My name is Melissa and I'm the Founder and Creative Director of Compliment.  
If you know me, you know I love sharing stories.  In fact, my first passion is writing, and as my mother can attest, waaaaay back in the first grade, I said that I wanted to be an author when I grew up.  And so I went to school to study English, became a teacher, got an MFA in Creative Writing, and really love to write.  I'm inspired by words. 
I believe in the power of words.
I also believe in the power of creating.  I create lots of things--some are eh (like the watercolor of the coffee mug I have hanging in my kitchen) and others are miraculous. I'm most proud of creating community in my classroom throughout the last decade teaching high school English and AVID, and seeing the kids who I've watched grow up in those four walls go on to create so much goodness in their own corners of the world. 
But like any educator knows, the time and energy teachers put in to their work is enormous and exhausting, and it's super important to find ways of keeping your spirit happy, or as I like to call it, "your love bucket filled." When we were little, my mom taught my siblings and me that every one of us has a little bucket in our soul that needs pretty active attention.  When we are feeling down, our buckets are empty and it's impossible to be loving to others with empty buckets.  And so we must find things to keep our love buckets full for ourselves.  For me, it's creating--be it writing, dancing, singing, cooking, painting, or making jewelry.  But I'm also able to refill my bucket by filling someone else's.  When we notice the people around us could use a boost, it's our job to do something kind to refill their bucket.  Something to uplift. Something to build them up. One easy way is to give them a sincere compliment.  
...Slow hunch...
I had been making jewelry on and off since elementary school, and for the past few years had been working on wire-wrapped pieces just for fun.  
But it wasn't until one of my cutie seniors asked me to make her a ring to match her Homecoming dress that it occurred to me that others might like what I was making.

If I were going to start sharing my jewelry with others, it was important to me that it have meaning.  Drawing inspiration from my love of words and my belief in building community by building each other up, I officially founded Compliment Thanksgiving weekend 2011. 
Since then, Compliment has grown beyond what I ever imagined.  And just recently, I made the very difficult, but exciting decision to step away from the classroom and pursue Compliment full-time.
I am constantly amazed and so grateful when someone tells me she's received a piece of jewelry in the mail and is not only fond of the accessory, but is totally moved by the compliment inside the box. 
All my designs are lovingly hand-crafted by me, and sometimes by a few of my friends who come to help me during the busy times.  I use genuine Swarovski crystals, authentic gemstones, freshwater pearls, and handblown glass beads to create pieces that are as unique and special as the women who wear them. No two pieces are exactly alike. Every product in my shop provides a personalized way to say "I love you," "You are special to me," or "I'm thinking of you."  I especially love when women tell me they ordered a piece to keep and chose a compliment as a mantra or reminder to love themselves.
I'm blessed to say that many of my customers come back because we all know that feeling good is contagious!  Imagine a world where we all build up one another. Idealistic, you may say.  Perhaps.  But I say, why not try? Start today.
Outfit deets:

Dress and belt from Francesca's. Earrings by Stella and Dot

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  1. Visiting from the blogspot, and I love that jewelry! The stones are so vibrant!

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much!! Following you as well!! XO

  2. Hi I'm Angel
    Great to meet you. I love your photos. Those shoes are tooooo cute. Your jewelry is awesome. I think the earrings are my favorite. I'm your newest Bloglovin follower from Happy Kids Bloglovin Hop. Hope you will come visit me too.
    Sew Crafty Angel

    1. Hi Angel! Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the love ;) Following you as well ;)

  3. you are very inspiring
    loved reading the post
    love Vikee


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