My Must Have Baby Items!!

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Now that I am on to my 2nd child I'm a little bit more experienced in what I really need and why. So here is a list of must haves and of course some fun frivolous items that I just love and couldn't live with out! :)

Yes this is one of the more pricier strollers but its really the design that I love! I have seen some similar versions with a way more friendlier price tag! What is wonderful about the bugaboo (Or design) is that it has so many options. I love that it has a bassinet. When you have a new born you are constantly changing diapers, and if your a germaphobe like me there is no way your going to put your new born on one of those public restroom changing tables. YUCK! And you probably don't want to walk all the way back to your car to change a diaper. Anyways...Ha the wonderful thing about the bassinet is that you can change your babies diaper right there in the stroller. I loved that when Liv was a baby. Another great thing about it is that it acts as a bed, Liv was always sleeping in her stroller, I would lay her down and just wheel her around the house doing chores. It was Great! It can also take the place of a portable crib for the first few months if you go out of town. :) When your baby is big enough to go in the chair attachment you have the option of facing it towards or away from you as well as 3 different reclining options. Liv loved that when she got sleepy. I would just tip the chair all the way back and she would sleep. It was great! So if you are willing to shell out the dough I would go for the bugaboo. Its totally worth it, or try and find a style similar. The convenient features it offers are priceless.

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the Ergo baby carrier. With Liv I had the Baby Bjorn and it killed my back so much that I really only used it twice. The Ergo baby looks so comfortable and easy to put on (Unlike the Bjorn) I cannot wait to use it!

These are so cool! My best friend gave these to me as a gift and I thought they were the neatest thing!! Here is some info I got off of their site:

Beads are made with 100% silicone (similar to pacifiers & nipples)
Soft on babies gums and emerging teeth
Easily cleaned with dish soap & water, also dishwasher safe!
No BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Cadmium, or Lead
Necklaces have a breakaway clasp for added safety
Necklaces are a great sensory tool to help your baby focus while nursing
Bracelets are a colorful reminder of which side you've just nursed

This is a brilliant invention made by a mama from my home town. When we went on vacation when Liv was a baby and they didn't have a tub (I don't do sinks...germaphobe...remember!lol) I would hold her in the shower with me and it would freak me out because she would get so slippery. Hubby would have to come and wash her hair while I held, making a watery mess everywhere! Well this lovely little carrier is designed to be worn in the shower! You are totally hands free and able to wash your baby SAFELY! I also think it would be great to wear in the pool as well!

7 jeans Starter kit:

I just about died when I saw these! They are a pack of 3 different size little 7 jeans. They come in 3 different washes and have comfy little elastic waistbands. I just had to get them!! Soo adorable.
(Unfortunately I couldn't find these online but I purchased mine at Off 5th, try there if you have one or at Saks 5th Avenue.)

                                                           Muslin Swaddling blankets:

Where were these when Liv was a baby?!! The blankets were always too small to get a good tight swaddle and they had no stretch to them. I love how large these blankets are and they also have lots of give so you can really wrap baby up nice a snug. Aden + Anais is a great line with so many options! They even have organics, and fitted crib sheets.

Ive blogged about these a looong time ago but I really cant say enough about how convenient they really are! Say your out of town or don't have a dishwasher and need to sanitize bottles....All you need to do is rinse the bottles, put them in the bag, add some water and microwave for 2 minutes and they are clean and sanitized!! Seriously, I don't know how any Mama could live with out these!!

Ok first time mommies, this one is important. Not exactly a baby item but a very important key to getting your figure back! A. Must. Have. After you deliver your baby you only have a 6 week window to re-train your abs and hips to go back to where they once were. During those 6 weeks your body is in healing mode and all of that elastin that loosened your joints are tightening back up so you really want to make sure you do this right after delivery :) I swear by it, my belly was flat with in a week.
The hip binder is a new one that I am looking forward to using! It comes with a tape measure to keep track of your progress. 

I am soooo thrilled to have this! I used to occasionally make Liv's baby food in the regular bullet. Having this system is going to be so fun to use and also save us some money as well as piece of mind as to what exactly is in our babies food. I love that you can set the date on the jars and it also includes a meal guide for whatever age your baby is. I cant wait to use this!!

Clean water bath tub

This tub is the neatest invention. It cycles the water keeping the temperature at a perfect setting as well as flushing out dirty water and replacing with fresh. It comes with a bunch of other neat features as well.  

**All photos have been linked to where you can purchase these items!**

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  2. On the top of my baby stuff list is the stroller. I am planning on buying the best one! So that I could still pass it on to my second baby or to my sister. That could save us a lot!


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