36.5 weeks and a Great.Big.Baby !!

9:29 PM

Had my Doctor's appointment on Wednesday and ultrasound. I was SUPER nervous about the ultrasound. Once you've had a scary one their never really ever the same excitement you had before. I was terrified she would tell us she was breach, 15 pounds or God knows what! Lol I was so happy when she put that little scanner on the lowest part of my belly and saw that perfectly round little head, Ok PHEW head down, now onto her size....well my Doctor starts taking her measurements and politely asks if Liv was a chubby baby. "Umm yes as a matter of fact she was!! VERY CHUBBY actually." And then she hovers over this white area around the belly and says, "That right there, its all fat. Shes gonna be a chubby little thing!" hahahhaha oh goodness, why does my body insist on making these chunky babies, but gives me an inadequate pelvis?! UGH So she takes all those measurements and comes up with our little ladies current weight...6lbs8oz at 36weeks. I know a ton of woman that delivered babies that size at full term. Ughhhhuhhhhh now I am facing induction at 39 weeks unless I can go into labor on my own. She is well on her way to being over 8lbs if I were to go all the way to my due date. I am terrified of being induced again. I really want to do this on my own, I feel like when it comes to labor my body cant seem to finish the job. It must love being pregnant so much it doesn't want to let go. LOL So I am feeling a little frustrated but trying to be patient and trust my body will be able to come through for me this time. Ive been sitting on my exercise ball all day long, doing squats, going up and down our stairs, I'm going to swim laps and do LOTS of walking, pineapple, spicy foods, prenatal massage, chiropractor, acupuncture...As well as a few other things.....! Any one have any other suggestions?!! I have got to go into labor from at least one of these!!!!! I typed up my birth plan the other day. After reading it I sure hope these nurses don't think I'm some crazy control freak! LOL But I want things on MY terms this time. Yes I am well aware that nothing ever goes according to plan when dealing with labor but at least they will all know the things I DO NOT want to deal with while in labor. Like students, lights on, a million questions, etc., etc.
I'm almost done packing my hospital bag!! Only need a few more things like drinks and snacks but other then that Im pretty much all set :) Now we play the waiting game!!

*My swollen hands and feet are so bad! They are huge. I cant wear my wedding ring any more :(
*My back and hips will start to hurt if I do too much.
*I am having a really hard time sleeping. Even worse then before. I can no longer sleep on my right side because little lady is so large. She puts pressure on the Vena Cava artery making my right arm go numb and pressure in my head. So I am now forced to sleep only on my left side and that hip gets SOOO sore. And of course going to the bathroom 7-8 times a night. Ahh who needs sleep any ways!? ;) LOL Waking every 2 hours to feed a newborn will be a piece of cake, 2 straight hours of sleep would be an absolute gift at this point.
*The hot flashes are here to stay it seems.

---------------> See those huge feet! YUCK! Liv decorated them to make me feel better. Such a love!
Baby size: 6lbs8oz

Weight gain: 22 lbs

*Chocolate milk
*Strawberry milkshakes     
*Sandwich bagels
*Ice cold water with lemon

Energy level:
Surprisingly good. I still require a nap on most days but I finally have the energy to get things done.

Favorite things:
*Exercise ball
*Slippers (No longer Uggs, my feet swelled in them the other day and got stuck. I kinda freaked out!! LOL)
*My foot spa my hubs got me. That thing feels amazing with ice water on my big ol swollen feet!!

Things I miss:
*Well since its almost Summer and we have been having some beautiful weather I am really missing my post baby bod. I cant wait to get it back!! : D
*Simple movements. Just getting off the couch is difficult these days.

          After my Doctors appointment we went to the beach. Here are some pix from our day : )

Even though Hubs took the day off, he couldn't quite leave work
at the office! I found this to be quite funny! Hahaha

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