35 weeks and GROWING!

11:21 PM

Eeeeek I can't believe I am in my 35th week and well into my 8th month! This is craziness! I went to the Dr. last week and to my surprise I am measuring at 37 weeks! Say what?! That's not just a little ahead but A LOT AHEAD of 34 weeks! And as of last week I noticed my belly had dropped, meaning baby is engaged and in position for labor. This didn't happen until like 39 weeks with Livy. My Dr. Did in fact confirm that she had dropped. Eeeee but that doesn't mean I will go into labor any time soon. Babies like to trick you. I swear... They think it's funny to get your hopes up and then come a week over due! Lol I'm going to the doc every two weeks now and will be having an ultrasound in 2 weeks to determine size and weather or not she still wants to go ahead and induce me for sure! (umm 37cm at 34 weeks! Sorry sister but YOU WILL be inducing me early. She's obviously HUGE!) lol that is of she doesn't "Pop" out (according to Livy) on her own before then! I have been having a ton of contractions! I think she wants out! I have a feeling this one is going to be a lot like me... I was able to predict Livys personality when she was in my belly and I feel pretty strongly that this little girl is impatient and easily bored like me :) sweet, quiet, as well as creative. She loves music! Liv was the least bit interested in music while in my belly. So I think little sisty will be our tiny dancer or musician. We'll have to see if I am right. Were any of you mama's able to call your children's personalities while they were still in your belly? Ive also started to slowly pack my hospital bag...I mean enormous hospital suitcase. (Like a bag could hold all of the items I plan on bringing! HA! ) I started getting all anxious while packing, I am such a head case. But I cant help it. I don't have the greatest track record when it comes to delivering a baby. I'm going to continue to add to the "Bag" slowly so I don't overwhelm myself.

"What I wore"

Jeans: Hudson

My Mama and Sister threw me the most amazingly beautiful, fabulous, baby shower last week. It was perfection. I had a blast and felt surrounded by love and got a ton of wonderful gifts. I will post pix as soon as my SISTER!!!! sends them to me ;)

Oh oh!! I finished the nursery! Its precious. Hubby says its too pink! LOL is that even possible when it comes to little girls? Daddy has a lot to learn ;D

Aches and pains:

Oddly...I am feeling pretty good. I think it might have a lot to do with me not working in the salon any more. My sciatica is pretty much gone unless I do a lot of walking or standing, same goes for my back. I am having pretty bad swelling in my feet and hands but with a little rubbin they go back to normal.


Hot flashes have been a real problem for me. Ive taken the comforter out of our duvet on our bed because I cant stand having anything heavy on me.

Dizzy spells have been occasionally occurring. I think this has something to do with little lady being so low.

Baby size: We will be finding that out on Wednesday!!

Belly size: Really...if you must know :D lol 42" and proud of it!! I know this from the baby shower game we played! LOL

Weight gain: Damn...I hit 20lbs. I'm still going to try to keep it under 25 by keeping active but that's going to be hard now that I am not working.


*Still a little bit of the mint craving lingering

*Salads! I'm really into salads again!!

*Raspberry lemonade. Mmmmm!!!! Lucky for me I haven't had much heart burn so I can actually enjoy it!

*Strawberry milkshakes

*Sandwich bagels with avocado, cucumber and tomato! Oh this one is my ultimate right now. But I try to limit one or two per week.

* ICE i love it, I think its a texture thing for me, because I don't have an iron deficiency they say is associated with craving ice.

Energy level:
This one is so frustrating for me. I am a go go go kind of person. I love organizing and cleaning, it makes me happy :) and I was really looking forward to nesting!! LOL I'll get occasional burst of energy but not much and its usually only a couple of hours worth and then I need a nap. It drives me crazy because there are soooo many little jobs I want to take care of before she arrives.

Favorite things:

My big exercise ball. Its so comfortable to sit on and it also helps the baby engage properly.

My Ugg boots since my feet don't fit in much else these days.

The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive foot Rescue. This lotion feels so good on swollen feet. Its nice and cooling because of the peppermint and us "pregnant people" know how hot your feet get when they swell up. This is a must have!!

Things I miss:

I really miss all of my favorite tops that I just cant wear any more. My options are very limited now with this big 'ol belly!!

I would really love a glass of champagne

I miss bending over!! It hurts sooo bad now.

PS: Sorry about the crappy pictures. I couldnt find my camera so I had to use my phone :/

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