26 weeks UPDATE

8:50 PM

Scarf: Boutique'd
T-shirt: Kirsh
Jeans: Hudson
Cuff: Stella and Dot
Sandals: Zigi

I am now 26 weeks preggo! YAY. I cant even wrap my head around how fast this pregnancy is going by. Two more weeks and I enter my 3rd tri. WOW that's just craziness!! I cant wait to meet our HEALTHY baby girl. We are truly blessed in many , many ways. Lately I've been feeling pretty good. I really cant complain after the terrible scare we had, I am just so grateful but lets be honest here…How are us preggo mama's suppose to get that extra attention we reeeeally need if we don't let everyone know about all of our aches and pains!? Hehe. My sciatic nerve has been pretty bad in the last week. I saw this one coming, I had this problem with Liv and I am pretty much carrying identically to my pregnancy with her so it was pretty much a given. My goodness is it painful. I literally have to warm up before I move positions. The slower the better. OOOYYYEEE I really am not looking forward to getting old! Ive acquired 2 colds since I updated you last, one head cold, one chest cold. I must hold some sort of record…Seriously!! Other than that and the usual fatigue everything is wonderful.

Aches and pains:

Sciatic nerve pain in BOTH hips

Back ache aaaaas usual

OOooo leg cramps are starting. I might need to up my calcium intake.

Baby Size:

At our ultrasound last week they said she was nearly 2 lbs already! And to expect to have another big baby like Liv. Double OOOYYYEE!!

Belly Size:

Large and in charge! Finally tapering out though. Thank goodness! I no longer have to lie to strangers about my actual due date. HAHA I am right on track now with my week and belly cm ratio….sort of. Ha!

Belly Button:

Outie and then some. Hehe

Weight gain:

12 lbs


I don't really have strong cravings but there are a few things that I keep coming back to.

Chocolate milk

Spearmint gum (this is a weird one! Haha)

Nature Valley granola bars

Jamba juice

Energy Level:

High and low. Its been tough for me to plan my days because some mornings I wake up with a ton of energy and motivation and other's I'll wake up completely exhausted and useless for most of the day.

Stretch marks:

None and lets keep it that way ; D

Favorite things:

My belly pillow

My heating pad. It really does wonders for my back and hips.

My leggings. Oh they are the BEST!

Glucose Test: Normal. Yay!

Things I miss:


Ahi tuna

Champagne :D

Sleeping on my belly

Top: CAbi
Cords (Pants): AG jeans
Headband: A lil bit fancy
Sandals: Libertas

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