Please excuse my moment(s) of weakness...

5:21 PM

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook you may have noticed me complaining about being sick or uncomfortable lately, and as I sit here and think, I'm starting to feel bad about that. A lot of the time I use Facebook as a place to vent to a lot of my mommy friends and family. They always give really great support and advice and it is soo appreciated. But what about the others that are desperately trying to get pregnant with no avail, or have suffered a miscarriage. How am I making them feel when they read my status's about how crummy I feel. I can bet my bottom dollar that everyone of them would trade being sick everyday for the rest of their lives if they could just have a baby of their own. So I wanted to say I realize how blessed my husband and I are to have never dealt with any type of infertility or miscarriage and if being sick constantly means we get to have a beautiful baby at the end of it all, I will welcome the colds and discomfort with open arms and a smile because some couples will never get to experience this beautiful GIFT and that breaks my heart. Every part of pregnancy is a blessing. Even the uncomfortable parts!! : D

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