One very worried (but trying not to be) Mama

8:39 PM

Usually today I would have updated the blog on my stats as of 23 weeks. Well...we also had our 2nd trimester ultrasound done today. The day started out rocky and I was feeling over emotional from the moment my feet hit the floor...possible mothers intuition...? I was antsy about it, other then the genetic screening this ultrasound pretty much tells you weather or not you should be concerned about your baby. So right off the bat our Dr. Seemed concerned with the intestines, she kept going back to this one area... Finally she said that there is a possibility that the baby has a heart just sunk into my feet. The baby has a pocket of fluid in her intestines, it could be just that she was swallowing a lot of fluid and could already be absorbed and gone by now could be a blockage was all that I heard. So she proceeded with the ultrasound, everything else couldn't be more perfect, strong heart, belly, stomach and brain were great, and that sweet precious face looking just like her big sisters. I know that I should be focusing on the positives here...our baby has nothing life threatening and is for the most part normal but any mother will agree with me here, the slightest thought of a new born baby being whisked away to surgery right after birth is anything short of heart breaking. My daughter had a rough birth and was whisked away from me the moment she was born and the thought of going through that again is unbearable. So I'm sitting here trying to put all of this into Gods hands and not cry for the millionth time today, he gave me strength I didn't even know I had when Liv was born and I just have to have faith that this is nothing but if it is God will give me my strength to get through it. This Friday we have to be in SanFrancisco at 7:45AM for a more "serious" high tech ultrasound and hopefully whatever was there is now gone. Will you all Please pray for our baby girl. Thanks friends :)

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