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I've been wanting to do a post about maternity fashion for a while but I wanted to gather some pictures of my outfits first...But my hubby works a ton and well unless I want my 3 year old taking my photos, it just wasn't going to happen. I can barely fit my bust in the frame let alone a full body shot at my arms length!! LOL So if I can convince my hubby to dedicate a good solid hour...Ok who are we kidding... 3 hours to taking pictures of me in outfits I will do a separate post about what is in my closet at a later date. So for now I have gathered some great inspiration outfits online that I think will help my expectant mama's!

For me when it comes to maternity all you need are pants! Yes...that is all, pants! As for tops you can find mostly anything as long as it fits. Even just going through your closet with an open mind can help... A LOT!

So hear is my spiel on designer jeans. Now I am not a "Label" junky. I don't just buy things because of their brand. I actually believe the quality and longevity of the item out weighs the generic. That philosophy holds true when it comes to maternity as well. With my first pregnancy I just went out and got the cheap jeans to tide me over for the remaining 5 months of my pregnancy. It didn't take long for me to notice them losing their shape and fading after only 1 or 2 washes. The belly band started to ripple and they became virtually unwearable! So I bought a really great pair if designer jeans in Ebay! I may love my brand names but I am one thrifty shopper!! I can sniff out a sale like its no body's business. For being already worn jeans I could already tell a huge difference in the quality. They kept their fit and color through out my entire pregnancy. So this time around I was NO fool! I went straight to Pea in the Pod and got and amazing pair of Hudson jeans and an awesome pair of skinny cords by this new line they are now carrying and they are just wonderful and oh so stylish! So...if you ask me, do not waste your money on multiple pairs of generic maternity jeans. Splurge on one nice pair or check out Ebay, they always have a great selection at an even better price. Give me a couple pairs of designer pants and 3 basic colored leggings and this mama is all set from here on out!!

Here are the 2 pairs of pants I recently purchased and they are so comfortable and flattering! All of the photos are linked so simply click the photos and start shoppin!

True Religion maternity jeans currently listed on Ebay for $66!

OK this is my all time favorite go to outfit! You really cant beat. Jeans and a t-shirt! Let the belly and the accessories be the center stage here. Go with some chunky bracelets and a bright colored purse or headband. My favorite is an American apparel v-neck t-shirt, my skinny's, a great pair of boots, long necklace and of course one of my boho style headbands. I swear I get more compliments on this outfit then any, and it is so effortless.

This is a really great look for an outfit that you probably already have in your closet. This on is a no brainer!

I really love how chic yet comfortable this outfit looks. Hey, have you looked through your dress section of your closet lately. I'm sure you have a cute little cotton dress just dying to be worn over that adorable belly!! Add some tights and ankle boots and you've got yourself a whole new outfit! And don't forget...its ALL about the accessories. MORE IS MORE! Add some chunky bracelets or a cute headband and your all set!

Check out this adorable cotton dress from Target. It comes in that same taupe color but only costs $18!! Don't feel like your forced to shop the maternity section, you just have to be more open minded ;D

This is one of my favorite outfits. I actually have a silk blouse just like this, I found it a local boutique and bought it in a large. The length was perfect for the ever growing bump and the collar was loose enough for me to show a little shoulder!! Oooo scandalous!! Hehe IT IS for me anyways!! And of course those comfy cozy black leggings. Add a pair of boots and some cute accessories and you have yourself a perfect outfit!

Here is the link to one of my favorite boutiques. Ive gotten all of my so called maternity tops there.

So remember gal's, just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you have to dress maternal! Have fun with your bump, you've never looked cuter ; D

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