Just a few things I could never live with out!

9:39 PM

I thought this would be kinda fun! Here is a list of random things I couldn't possibly live with out. Keep this going and post to your blog sending me back the link so I can read yours!!

Listed in no particular order:

Plastic baggie's



All of my boots

Mascara! At.All.Times.

My electric toothbrush


My hot glue gun

My Starbucks refillable cup. I just love that thing and I'm really not sure why...LOL

Chap stick

My dish gloves. I will not wash dishes with out them. (Germ-a-phobe much?!)

My I-phone, that's my little world right there!!

Crest white strips

My slippers

Chai tea lattes

My curling iron

Nordstrom Rack (OOOO thats a Big one!)

The Office




My Zigi LA beaded sandals

Diet Coke

Well that was fun! Looking forward to reading yours! Don't forget about the giveaway going on tomorrow over at Jen Clyde Stylist

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  1. don't you love how you make these lists but you leave out toilet paper? I would never ever survive on the show survivor. no where to plug in my flat iron or makeup mirror.


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