DIY Bow display Tutorial

11:57 AM

Ok so my photo steps are a little vague but this is really quite simple. Here is what you need:

*A thrifted frame. (I got a pretty big one...Lets face it, my lady has a TON of bows!)
*Some paint for refinishing
*Card board, tag board, clothing box, etc. Whatever you can find around the house really, just make sure it is sturdy and fits the window of your frame.
*Ribbon, twine, etc. Again whatever you have layin around ; )
*A matching large piece of fabric. You can really get creative with this one!!
*Glue gun and or staple gun

After you have measured out your board, (make sure you give about a 1/4" to attach to the back of frame.) measure out your fabric leaving excess to fold around your board.

Glue edges down and measure out your twine. Make yourself a spacer to guide your string so that their all even when you are finished. Glue the string to the back and pull TIGHT! You will be surprised how low the string will hang with all of those adorable bows so make sure you pull it nice and tight and hold while glue is drying.

Now take your board and staple or glue to the back of the frame. Then flip it over and admire your work!


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