DIY RockSTAR pedi

10:22 AM

Are you maxed out from all of your Christmas shopping, like the rock-star look but hate the commitment to the gel or simply do not have time to sit down let alone for a pedicure? too!

I just couldn't face all of these holiday parties with toes looking the way they did. YIKES!! So while I was at the craft store I strolled down the glitter aisle and was struck with an idea!! $3.75 and a clear coat later...I had these festively fabulous looking toes!! It was so easy, here is what you do:

What you need:

Step 1: Prep toes

  • remove all polish

  • Place a little vaseline around the edges of your toes so that the excess glitter is easily wiped away when you are finished.

    • Step2:

      • Paint toes liberally with clear polish

        Step 3:

      • Sprinkle glitter over toes and gently tap toes to remove excess

      • Place a plate under foot so that the extra glitter can be placed back in bottle when finished.

        • Step 4:

        • Wait about 5 minutes before applying top coat of clear and once that has dried apply one more.

        • Step 5:

        • Wipe away excess glitter with a q-tip or tissue one toes are entirely dry.

          • How easy is that and look at how great they turned out! They have so many colors of glitter, the possibility's are ENDLESS!! Yeeeee SO FUN!! Leave me a comment letting me know if you tried this : D

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