Bebe update!! 19 weeks and counting!!

6:35 PM

Today we had another baby Dr. appointment. It went pretty well. I opted to have a work up on my genetics through a series of blood tests and today I got the results. Good NEWS~ Our mini lady does not have any chromosomal or spinal problems, the main one being no down syndrome. Its a nice little piece of mind that every thing is developing just fine : ) PHEW! I recommend all Mama's get this done. It was really easy and gave us great information on the status of our sweet baby girl. Here is the link in the test if you would like to read more, although if you are expecting I'm sure your Dr. has already offered it. (1st and 2nd trimester screening)

" looks like we have a rowdy one on our hands"(Dr.'s words, not mine! Ai-yai-yai!!) Since our 2nd ultrasound "Sisty" has been working on her acrobat skills! We might have a gymnast in our future!! So my Dr. places the doppler on my belly and all it seems to be picking up are the whip lashing sound effects of little bebe's karate kicks! (Oh my poor "future" rib cage) She even gave a sharp jab at my Dr.'s hand! Startled her a bit! hehe She finally got the heart beat for a quick moment and then the kicking sounds started up again. Please Lord...Do not let this be a hyper active, bouncing off the furniture toddler, and if she is, grant me the PATIENCE! Haha

Moving on to that part that made my visit "Pretty well" and not great. My Dr. was measuring the top of my uterus on my belly and starts making these, "Hmmm, Ahhh, Hummm" sounds while referring back to my chart. (Oh great, what did she find??!! Ahhhh) She then tells me that I am measuring much larger then my weeks?? Ughh duh have you seen this belly??! But according to were my uterus was at I am either due earlier or carrying an enormous baby! (Nooooooooooooooooooo I cannot deliver another 8 pounder! Good Lord!!) I cant go through the same scenario that I did with Liv. She simply Did. Not. Fit. PERIOD! So once I got in to my car I had a moment of weakness and allowed myself to have a quick cry at the mere thought of another traumatic birth to one of my baby's or a potential C-section for me : ( and then I thought about our good test results and how blessed we are to have a healthy baby with no developmental problems. I pulled it together really quick after that and decided to put it in God's hands and move on! I am going to keep on avoiding ALL sugar and do my best to continue to exercise and keep my weight gain at a good pace. If this baby is huge it wont be because of me! I was a big baby (Like a 10 pounder!!) And for that reason I will have BIG baby's! OY!! or should I say OW!!

I have an ultrasound in 4 weeks and will know more about her status then and let ya kn0w, but in the mean time, will you please pray that my due date was off!! Please and thank you!! LOL

Yeeeeah! That is one BIG belly!

Sorry the quality of the pictures are so low, I had to use my phone : (

19 weeks STATS:

  • Weight gain: 5 LB's

Innie or outie:

  • about 75% outie!!

Food cravings:

  • Salads

  • baked potatoes

  • pasta

  • cheese

Energy level:

  • Low, being preggers during the holiday's is SO hard. I have all of these plans and ideas but just cant seem to find the energy to get it all done : ( Thats been really difficult considering I am a perfectionist and like to have every thing done the way I want. I've had to let a lot of things/traditions go this year : ( that has not been easy.

Stretch marks:

  • None, I keep moisturized! I didn't get them with Livy so I'm pretty sure I wont with this one... I HOPE!! O_0

Favorite things:

  • My chai tea lattes!

  • Pregnancy pillow

  • New pillow top mattress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My new Hudson jeans from A pea in the pod (The fit is amazing!! A must have!!!)

  • (Not preggo related but I cant help it!!) our new floors!!!! We recently had hardwood and new carpet put in our home and they are AMAZING!!!

  • Leggings!! OH.SO.Comfy!!

  • Prenatal yoga and Pilate's "On Demand"

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