4th Annual Christmas Cookie BAKE!!

7:10 PM

Every year Liv and I head to Visalia to bake Christmas cookies with Tim's Grammy. It is something we look forward to every year! Grammy is such a special part of our lives. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever known and I adore this tradition that we share together! We literally bake from about 10:30-5:30! Its a long day of baking! But luckily my sweet M.I.L. brought my little in-laws over to help us bake. Here are a few pictures from yesterday:

My awesome road trip buddy! She did AMAZING on this drive!

Hardly made a sound. We sang Christmas carols the entire time

and then she fell asleep for the 2nd half! Such a good girl ;D

Livy with her stocking

This is a really special thing Tim's Vavoo does for all of the Grandkids at Christmas.

Their entire lawn is decked out in these stockings with ALL of their grandkids and great grandkids! I should have taken a picture of all of them! Its impressive : D

I'm pretty sure I recall his big brother(Tim) doing the same thing in middle school! SMH!!

Love my Grammy! She's just so sweet!!

All of the "Cookie Bakers"

Silly girls with dough all over their hands. They loved rolling it for me ; )

Grammy and her grandkids

Such a goof! Reminds me of his big brother SO MUCH!!

Me with my twinies!!

Finnlee and Roan, So cute!!

Sweet little Fin!

This isn't even half of what we made.

We had fudge, chocolate candies and peppermint/heath bark!!

Ayla is such a sweetheart!!

My sweet little Sissy's spoiling me with a great foot massage!

Roan gave me one TOO! :D

*The perfect ending to the perfect day!*

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