Bebe update!!

12:47 PM

We had our 3rd Doctors appointment last week...and today and everyday I am thankful for that precious heartbeat, beating ever so strongly! The beginning of pregnancy is so unknown. You don't have the reassurance of those tiny feet kicking away or that sweet little rhythm we call hiccups. So until then you rely on faith and those terrifying moments while the Dr searches around your belly until the Doppler FINALLY picks up that heartbeat! Whooshing away! Oh the relief! Phew everything is ok, my sweet little love is still in there! I guess it makes me realize how surreal pregnancy is until you finally feel those little movements consistently. Any day now, I've felt a couple itty bitty kicks but I have to reallllllly relax. Feeling my baby move has to be one of my favorite things about pregnancy!!

So here are my stats as of today: 16 weeks

Nausea: WAS gone, back again : ( hope it goes away soon. I don't know how I am going to gain weight if I have no appetite and cant keep much down :...(

Cravings: This was last weeks:pasta, cheese, garden salads with ranch,

Present Cravings: mashed or baked potatoes with ONLY butter

Weight gain: -7lbs : ( (Dr doesn't seem too concerned?)

Weird preggo Symptoms: break out on my forehead :/ stuffy nose, itchy palms, cranky, SUPER tired (Whoa, whoa, whoa, did I just get sent back to the 1st trimester or something??! WTH)

Aches and pains: Plenty!! Lower back and headaches, but I have the MOST amazing husband with that gives me the best back rubs EVER! He'll rub my back in bed until I fall asleep. How sweet is that?!! Ugh I love him SO!!

So that's about it....Oh and guess what!? I would do it all over 1000x for this precious little gift. I am so grateful.

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