Today my little girl turns 3!!

4:34 PM

You came into this world fashionably late, but you were SO worth the wait!

Your precious little nose that mama gave you and those great big brown eyes your daddy undoubtedly gave you. You were by far the most beautiful little baby we had ever seen.

Your delivery was anything but what we were all picturing, you had us all worried for a moment, but mama knew you were going to be Ok! You had will and determination in your eyes and before we knew it you were the healthiest baby in the NICU.

I see that same look in your eyes when you accomplish something like riding your new scooter, or heading off to Pre school! Mama will take comfort in that will and determination when one day we send you off to college! I know you will be ok.

I love the silly little phrases you always say like: "How we do?! Or "We onder way!"

Oh how I adore those big brown eyes when you first wake up in the morning an say, "Good morning mama! What would you like to do today?"

You are so adorable, the way you talk like your 30! Your and old soul just like your mommy!

You are a beautiful person, inside and out. At only three you truly care about other peoples feelings. If someone is crying you are there to hold their hand. This makes me tear up because the kindness you share fills my heart with pride!

I cherish the way you look at me and say, "Best friends for life!"

I look back on pictures of me before you were born and I don't know who that is because the day we met you changed me, you became my hopes and my dreams, and I am so blessed. You are my world and I am beyond proud of that!

I love the way you call me Woody and I call you Buzz! You are my sidekick and I love you to infinity and BEYOND!

Happy 3rd Birthday Liv!

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  1. So cute! Congrats on your growing little girl, I'm sure she will cherish this when she can read it on her own one day.



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