Halloween 2011

8:26 AM

We started our day off in Halloween Jams of course!! Gotta love Carter's Kids!!

We had yummy orange bagels for lunch~Liv loved this : D
We all kinda just raided our closets to come up with something!! Haha
Husby: Rocker, or what I came up with, "Adam Lambert" Ahahahah
Great Grandpa John: Ummmm himself, he handed out candy ; )
Nana: Army chick
Livy: Nurse like Auntie Corey

Brother: Ghost (Obvi ;D)

(Sorry my pix are so bad, they were from my phone :/ )

Liv had the best time trick or treating. She was so cute and polite. She always said thank you and Happy Halloween! Such a sweetie!

Our pup looking festive!

We had such a great time. I cant wait until next year! We will have TWO little "Trick or treaters!!"

Today is the last day to enter giveaway!!! Cant wait to see who wins!!!

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  1. Too cute! Your husband was rockin' it out! Gotta love a man who isn't afraid to wear eyeliner.


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