Just When we thought it was safe to put away the crib….

8:23 PM

Bahahaha this shirt sums up EXACTLY what I have been wanting to say for the last 5 weeks!!

After months and months, ok weeks and weeks we are just thrilled to announce that Baby Deuce (and No that is not the name ha-ha-ha)will be gracing us with "It's" presents around May 15!! So far…Oh man, so far this has not been the cake walk that was with my first pregnancy. Oh that is a Diiiistant memory. This time around, I fantasized about morning sickness. That would have been a breeze, but NO I was blessed not only with a precious bundle of joy but also the dreaded ALL.DAY.SICKNESS. (Its to be expected though, this is the middle child after all. Already giving me a hard time. Hehe I too am the middle :D) Which is why, friends, family and clients, I have been MIA and so hard to get a hold of. I was busy holding my hair back! Sorry, TMI : / But at 11 weeks, I am seeing the glorious light at the end of the tunnel and coming up for air. I am feeling GREAT!! Thank you Jesus. I can't even believe how blessed we are to be able to have another child. I know how difficult it can be for some couples and for us to be able to have TWO is so wonderful and we thank God every day. Pregnancy is something so special, and to think that some woman never get to experience it breaks my heart. So I can handle all of the nausea, exhaustion and headaches, because I already know how truly worth it, it is!

So a couple of weeks ago we had our first appointment. So much stress and worry leads up to that day. All you want to see is that itty bitty heart flickering away and when you finally do, all is right with the world. I remember that moment so vividly with Liv, such a profound moment, as was this one! This is for real!! There is a little human in there!! We have decided on a new Dr. that I just LOVE! And the even COOLER part about our Dr. is that she also delivered all of Tim's siblings!! I just LOVE that!! Let me just say this place was like the Ritz! I felt so spoiled from the moment I walked in, and wait until you see the fabulous goodies Swag they sent me home with!! We are delivering in Monterey this time and really just hoping praying for a much better experience this time around. When our daughter was born she almost didn't make it. I saw her for a second, before she was whisked off to the NICU where she remained for 5 days. I wasn't able to hold her until almost 24 hours later. All problems caused by the the Dr.'s and nurses but we won't go into that! So this time around I am doing everything that I can to make this the experience a good one because no family should have to go through that L

Well, this pregnancy is way more intense so I already am having some pretty odd cravings as well as aversions (AND mood swings, so sorry Hubs) here are a few:

Cravings so far:
• Curry powder, on anything!
• Cheeeeese
• Salami
• Pickles
• Chicken
• Salty foods Mmmm
• Mexican food
• Spicy food!!
• Bubbly water (I was also obsessed with Pellegrino with Liv!!)
• Sporadic cravings for candy
• Celery
• Carrots
• Mashed potatoes
• Avocado
• Red pepper flakes on EVERYTHING!!

Aversions so far:
• Most Dairy(Other then cheese ; D)
• Fruit
• Iced tea (Which has been my drink of choice since FOREVER :/)
• Ice cream
• Bread
• Yogurt
• Anything with a ton of flavors! My fellow pregger’s will understand : D
• Beef
• Hot dogs
• Mac and cheese BLAAAH

Well that's all I can think of at the moment. Oh yeah, that reminds me of another lovely little symptom I have. Pregnancy has made me STUPED (Mis-spelt on purpose ; D Bahaha) I can't remember left from right, let alone why bread crumbs don't go in the fridge and Milk certainly does not go in the cupboard. I can barely remember what day it is or what I ate for breakfast. My brain is not FUNCTIONING at its usual, "So-So" of a Pace, bahaha so one can only imagine J

This is the part where you say, "Wait...I don't see it!"

Just an itty bitty gummy bear ; )

Our little beeby at 7 weeks

So that's what my last 8 weeks have been, and I am so excited I no longer have to suck in my "Bulging" belly and can finally share our Happy News!! Oh and by the way, Big sister Livy is OBSESSED with the whole idea, but that deserves its very own post because her reaction was just too precious to cram into this one and my brain is shutting down. Thanks for reading and if you're expecting also I would love to hear some of your funny cravings or symptoms! It's so fun to compare!! XOXO

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