Baby Update

4:53 PM

I had my 2nd doctors appointment for the bebe the other day and got to have another ultrasound!!! yay!! Let me just tell you, this 2 inch little baby was all over the place! Kickin it's feet, bobbin around, happy as can be!! With Liv, she was always mellow in my belly, so now I'm thinking we have a wild child on our hands!! Ahhhh!!! Livy was so cute afterwards, after she told my Dr. To finish up cause we needed to go to Starbucks (who is this kid??!lol) she wanted to hold the ultrasound photos and as we were leaving dropped them and says, "oh no! I dropped the BABY!!!" haha such a silly lady. Here are some better shots of the baby, looks just like Liv's ultrasound at 11 weeks.

How cool is it that our Dr. has a rocking horse in the waiting room!??
2 inches of PURE love right there : )

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