Belly Pix! 11 weeks and SHOWING!!!! And what we wore

7:17 PM

Like wow, hello HUGE belly, I was not expecting you so soon!! I am almost 12 weeks and wearing maternity jeans. Let me just say that I was this big at around 5 months with my daughter. Ok I am so big I'll even admit to exaggerating how far along I am to strangers, hehe. But ya wanna know something crazy and physically impossible but obviously possible....I haven't gained a pound. Not ONE!! I actually lost 3 pounds!! How the HE** is this possible?? LOL So here are a couple of shots my hubby happily (Forced unhappily) took for me today.

This entire set of pictures kinda cracks me up. Its like awww how sweet, etc. but behind the scenes I'm bitching at my husband to stop cutting my head off and making it blurry!! Bet you woulda never known. But that's REAL LIFE for ya!!
Maternity Jeans: Citizens of humanity,

Aww so cute right? Note the death grip I have on Liv's hands. Yeah, she wasn't cooperating either!! HA-HA-HA

Liv's t-shirt: Crew cuts

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  1. Awe so very cute!! I love baby bumps! I showed alot sooner with my second baby then I did my first baby!

  2. Thank you!! ME too!! I am all about showin it off!! The most content I have ever been with my body is when I am pregnant. : D Thank you for the comment!!!

  3. awww yay for another prego blogger!! i hear that bellies get bigger earlier w/ second pregnancies!!

  4. I started showing with my second SUPER early! I'm about 21 weeks along now and every time I tell people how far along I am, they look at me funny... pretty sure I look about 7 months! Lovin' the blog, I'm a new follower:)

  5. Found you through followers fest! Love your blog and I love the truth in this post. I have to get my husband to take my outfit photos too and he usually sighs, even though it only takes a couple minutes. I need to invest in a tripod and remote for my camera! Especially for days when he gets home too late. :)

  6. new from follower fest and love the blog! can't wait to see what's next! oh and ps love the blue top.


  7. stopping by from october follow fest :)
    your blog is too cute! and congrats on the pregnancy!

  8. Found you through the Fest! Love your style, your bump and your preshy little girl! XO


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