Liv's First Day of Pre-school!!

8:11 PM

Today my baby started pre-school. I thought that I was going to be a sobbing mess but I really surprised myself. I felt excited rather then the bitter sweet heartache I had been expecting. I knew that she would do great and love every minute of pre-school, and the fact that she could care less when we all left actually made me feel content about this new chapter in our lives. My baby isn't a baby any more, she is a little girl. I am so proud that she is secure with herself and doesn't need mommy there all the time, she simply let go of my hand and off she went to play and make friends. I always knew she would be this way, even when she was in my belly. I perfectly predicted every personality trait she has. And she proved me right, starting with her birth. She was a week late, Liv is stubborn and likes to do things on her own time. She came out fighting, for her life that is and to this day she will fight me until she gets her way, hehe. She is silly, always saying the craziest things, ending in Mama calling up any family member that answers just to share what goofy thing just came out of her mouth. Ahh and the independence, always having to do things on her own. She has to figure it out by herself. She gets very upset if I try to help. I've learned to step back and allow her to do so, I believe it to be a good life skill for her ; ) And her social skills, any one that knows Liv will chuckle at this one! Livy loves people. She will befriend anyone willing to watch her do pretty little ballet twirls or really anyone for that matter, just today I was forced to endure about a 10 minute conversation Livy was having with a lady in Target. Haha

Now that you understand my daughter you will understand why I wasn't feeling the ache in my chest as Livy walked into pre-school without even a second glance back at her mama. I know she is truly happy to be there and is going to get SO much out of this that it thrills me. I'm SO excited for my little lady and I cant wait to see her grow and learn so much this year.

OK so enough of that, now onto the FUN stuff!!

Yesterday, for Liv's last day on "Summer" I thought we should have some fun. Since it was SO hot out we decided to go to the pool. While we were there Livy asked if we could go and get our nails done?! Hahaha She cracks me up. So instead of going to the salon I thought it would be more fun if I took her to pick out some polish just for her. She loved the idea!! Kinda backfired on me tho, it took her nearly 20 minutes three pick to colors!! UUGHGHHH!!

That evening I tried to get everything ready that I could. I picked up a donut for her special first day of school breakfast, cleaned the house (House MUST be spotless before any special occasion. Obvi!) AND laid out her outfit. And mine too...Duh

This morning we were up bright and early! 7:30am! We had a tight schedule and we were NOT going to be late. Breakfast at 7:30, dressed at 8 and pictures at 8:30. We did arrive at pre-school 10 minutes early but I kinda have a phobia about being late. LOL

Livy was So excited, as soon as one of her fellow classmates arrived she went right up to her asking her name and if she would like to be her friend? Oh my gaaaawd the cuteness was overwhelming. All of the Little's dressed in their Best outfits, new shoes and empty over sized backpacks. Then me and Liv's entourage finally left after an excessive amount of picture taking.

Liv's Cubby! She is the SWAN!!

I had decided that while she was at school I would use that time for physical activity so I took myself to play tennis. Time was exceptionally slow today btw!! UGH

I was so paranoid about being late to pick her up that I ended up leaving tennis a little earlier then I had planned. CRAP, I had 45 minutes to kill and did not know what the heck to do with myself. So I drove around aimlessly until it was a reasonable time for me to pull up to the church and watch them play the last few minutes of school. I was relieved to see that I wasn't the only Mama waiting outside the door 10 minutes prior the school ending.
Drinkin her water out of her new canteen from Auntie Corey : D

Yay, my lady is back in my arms! Ahhh everything is right with the world. I REALLY missed her. She was in a surprisingly BAD mood : / probably tired...Liv is NOT a morning person. But still, being the mother that I am ; ) took her out to frozen yogurt. While we sat and ate, she told me all about her day. Here is what she said:

  • Today a little girl splashed me and I told her that was not nice (LOL)

  • I played in a house with windows

  • I played with cars, but a girl wouldn't share, but I shared mine! (Hmmmm)

  • I am not a big bad wolf! He huff's and puff's and blows your house down (Insert blowing noise)

  • A little boy cried because he missed his Mommy

  • Ms. Megan is Great

  • I had crackers for snack!

  • I learned patterns

  • I told the teacher I had to go potty

  • Everyone is nice at pre-school Mommy!!

Sounds like today was a complete SUCCESS! We cant wait for next week ; D

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