Christmas In July...Errrrr AUGUST!

12:30 PM

Christmas in July I mean August you ask?!.... I think YES!!

Ok, I'll admit it. Last Christmas I went a littler crazy...Ya I went Christmas crazy!!!! I over bought and over spent and I was totally happy with it...Until Christmas was over and I was feelin the pinch.

My dad raised us to always be very responsible with our money. Always put half in savings and maintain a certain balance at all times. NEVER go below it and by doing so I never have to worry about my checking account over drafting or bouncing a check EVER!! Its wonderful piece of mind....Until I accidentally dipped a teeny tiny bit below that amount and totally FREAKED out!! So I made a promise to myself to never let that happen again.

The simple solution to the problem would be to buy less...DUH but I truly enjoy spoiling the ones I love and I could NEVER cut back because it makes me feel so good to give and give. The reactions and smiles are WELL worth it. Sooo I came up with this plan... I have decided to start shopping NOW. If I see something that is on clearance/sale that I know my daughter will love, I take advantage of the offer and stash it away in my closet. I am already done with her gifts for her birthday(Nov.11) and off to a great start for Christmas. Same thing goes for all of my loved ones. If I see something that I know one of them will LOVE I buy it and set it aside until Christmas. This way I am not shelling out so much at once and by the time the Holiday season rolls around I can spend more time focusing on what really counts, Jesus, family and friends. ; )

Here is some of what I have already bought. I have a couple other things I picked up while we were in Tahoe. I was able to find the matching jacket to her snow pants. Originally $140 and I got it for $60!!! Woohooo MAJOR SCORE!!

Only 130 days til CHRISTMAS! Here's a little inspiration collage I put together to get you all in the MOOooood!!

All of these items can be found on Etsy.

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