Long time no see....

4:44 PM

YAY!! I am finally back on my blog after a few VERY long months with no lap top :( so $144 later my computer is back in action! Woohoo!

In the past few months, I've turned 24 and got my first wrinkle (WTF?) haha, my sisters dog had 4 adorable little puppies, we signed Livy up for preschool, and my hubby started school. See... you didn't miss much! (All of you 16 followers. lol)

So, now that Liv is signed up for preschool we are up to our ears in potty training. Any advices would be appreciated!! I am having the hardest time getting her to tell me she has to go on her own. Unless I leave her naked she does not tell me. I'll ask her but sometimes I get side tracked. Everyone says to be patient and by school she will have it down, but what if she doesn't?!! There is no way in (bleep) I am not getting those 3 blissful days a week! I have already begun making plans, I can go the gym, grocery shopping, mani/pedi w/o the squirming 2y/o on my lap desperately trying to dip her toes in my foot spa, or actually do nothing!! Imagine that, ahhh so looking forward to pre-school! So if any of you experienced Mama's out there could help a girl out, it would be much appreciated because whatever I seem to be doing isn't working!!

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