Very Chic Mad Hatter Hats

11:45 AM

A friend of mine is is going to a Mad hatter themed party in honor of Girl Scouts and asked me to make her, her mom, and sister hats...But cute ones!! lol not big tacky ones. I jumped right on board and had a blast making these. They all had their own ideas and colors so I really got to branch out. I racked my brain for a week trying to come up with a way to make the actual hat. I decided to just roam the aisles of Michael's in search of an idea, and then I saw it!! They had these can cozies, you know, those foam things you put your beer in, lol. They also had sheets of rubber that I could use for the base of the hats. PERRRFECT! I could not wait to START! YEEE Ok, anyways, I cut 3 circles out of the sheet and spray painted everything in the colors the Ladies had chosen.

Once they were dry I glued the cozy onto the circle and began to decorate. And this is how they turned out! FUN huh?! I hope one of them wins the contest.

I glued 2 alligator clips on the bottom so the hat can be positioned at any angle!

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